Weekend in Review

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No spray paint was involved and besides organizing them, no glue guns were used either. However, it was a busy weekend! In an effort to give a “holla!” to all the hard-working women out there (can you tell I’ve been listening to a lot of Beyonce this weekend?), I thought I’d share a little picture tour of my accomplishments.

Two kinds of people will appreciate this picture. 1. Anyone who lives in Michigan—no more boots! 2. Anyone who fights the daily war with shoes.

boot storage

Just pretend this picture’s obvious. I washed rugs this weekend. I hate washing rugs. It’s a little disenchanting because now that means I have to tackle the floor underneath them, but at least that part is done.

Target rug

I spent no less than three Beyonce songs (told ya) and two Justin Bieber songs (don’t judge) turning this…

Pintuck duvet

into this… More to come on this one.

pintuck duvet cover

There was a lot of this over the weekend. Why, exactly, did we think it would be such a great idea to have some land?

colonial home

When summerizing the deck, my husband found this adorable little bird’s nest.

blue eggs

Well, I guess little is a relative term here. It’s not the first time, though. Remember??

birds nest

What are the kids doing while we’re slaving away? This. Don’t ask.

cardboard play

Hopefully your weekend was as productive, yet more normal than ours! Orrrr…maybe you’re like us and this is normal.

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