Beadboard: The Master Plan

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My secret plan has worked! (Insert evil laugh here). If you’re ever worried that your father in law will be less than pleased to help you install some beadboard, try this.

art in the bathroom

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Step 1: Have your 7-year old daughter call him and jabber his ears off about her dentist appointment today and that Maximus farted while he was sitting down earlier.

Step 2: Well, that’s the only step really. This is where I got on the phone and had the following conversation:

Me: Hey Dad. I was actually calling for a reason.

Dad: You are, huh?

Me: Yeah. I was hoping you could come up and help me installsomebbrdntheBATHROOM.

Dad: What’s that? You have to go to the bathroom?

Me: No, no. I don’t think so. I was hoping you could come installsomebbrdntheBATHROOM.

Dad: Ahhhh…I think I heard the word install that time.

Me: Oh! Well, I guess if you want to come install it, that’d be a good idea too.

Dad: Does Thursday sound good?

Me: I love you.

It went well, don’t you think? I should clarify. If I called my FIL at 3:00 in the morning and told him there was a spider in my house, he’d come over and have it killed before I could even hang up the phone. He will do anything for us. The conversation was just my way of messin’ with him. ‘Cause he’s also really fun to mess with!

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