A Girl and Her Dog

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It’s no secret that Maximus gets the most attention from our daughter around here. Perhaps more attention than he wants.


The worry of getting a big dog while she was little quickly subsided one day when Maximus ate one of my daughter’s toys. She walked right up to him, opened up his mouth, and reached in there with her hand to get it back. At that point, we realized he was probably gonna do just fine in this family.

Here she is (in her prison attire) playing doctor. He tends to be the best patient. 

Bull Mastiff

Of course, he also tends to be the best butt of jokes. Broo ha ha. He has no idea.


She reads to him when they’re bored…

bull mastiff

and she showers him with kisses—even when he’s just not that into it.


It’s not all her, however. He makes sure to stand guard whenever she eats. 

Maximus      Maximus

Don’t judge this picture. The point is Maximus, remember?


And when she’s had enough, he just waits—hoping that she’ll look his way, and he can thump his tail loud enough to attract her over.


Of course, if he waits long enough, maybe she’ll take a nap—which means he also gets to nap. With a buddy.


Or on a buddy, as the case may be.

bull mastiff

He’s been known to get a little jealous if someone takes his place for the night.

our bullmastiff

But she always comes back to him.

Maximus mastiff

While I could do without this big lump of slobber on most days, I have a feeling she couldn’t.

bullmastiff hole

 Looks like he stays.

bullmastiff head

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