A Dresser Finds a New Life

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In an effort to transform my office into my craft room, I knew it was vital to find some good storage. Unfortunately, my budget didn’t allow me to build this.

dream craft

From my Feathered Nest 

However, this little beauty was definitely in my budget.

craftroom dresser

Okay, so maybe she’s not quite a beauty (yet), but at $23.00, I couldn’t resist buying it. Like the “handle” on the right side?   dresser before

As soon as I got it home, I went to town taking all that extra stuff off.  Big frilly medallion, be gone! I wiped it all down with my handy, dandy TSP cleaner and gave it a layer of primer.


Once the primer was dry, I rolled on some paint with a foam roller. I used a cheap craft brush for all the crevices. 


Wanna see my favorite part? Behind that big ol’ chunky door are three drawers. I love that feature!

painted dresser

Unfortunately, I can’t remember what color paint I used, and I stupidly threw away the can!  What was I thinking???  You’ll see why that’s a major problem for me in a minute.

painted dresser

And finally…the reveal!

craft room dresser

Having a craft room, I find that there’s quite a balance between making it pretty and making it functional. I’m trying to include decorative pieces, but I don’t want to hide too many of my “go to” devices. Then, what’s the point in having a craft room?  cherry blossom canvas

If you haven’t noticed it yet, you’ll see that I forgot to paint an entire strip at the base of the dresser. WHA????  I know. I painted it in the dead of winter, and I must not have paid attention to it. Of course, the major problem with that is the whole you threw away the paint can, you idiot! missing paint issue.  I’ll get to it. Someday.

craft room cherry blossom

I know you’ve been waiting (well, 2 of you have) for the reveal of this room, and I promise it’s almost there. I was on the hunt for cheap window treatments, and I just found them. Now it’s just a matter of getting my man of the house (that would be my 11-year old for three more weeks) to help me hang them!

craft room

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