FREE Christmas Mantel

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I have done the red theme for the past several years on my mantel, and I wanted a more natural, softer look this year. You know, you gotta mix it up every once in a while.

white mantel

Since I have a plethora of red decorations for this space, I couldn’t really justify spending a lot of money on new items. So…I had to get creative.

fresh garland

Thanks to some inspiration from Stephanie Lynn, I cut up some old sweaters I had and used the sleeves as little “socks” for some vases I had in the basement. I hot glued the base to smooth out the bottom, but the tops just have a natural tension that wraps around the vase.

sweater vase

I think when you use a monochromatic scheme, you need to incorporate some texture to vary it. Luckily, the free sweater sleeves did just that!

fresh garland       feather wreath

The garland itself? Well, it’s a whole bunch of hodge podge. I used the garland I’ve always used on the fireplace, but I wanted it much airier, fuller, and (again) textural.

christmas mantel

I went into my backyard and clipped a bunch of long-needle pine branches. I don’t suspect they’ll withstand the heat of the fireplace for very long, but they sure are pretty!

christmas garland

My neighbors never trimmed back their tall, ornamental grasses from this summer. In true creeper blogger form, I ran next door and clipped a bunch of them off.  It was just the filler I was looking for!

neutral mantel

I will admit that resting the garland on top of the mantel definitely intrudes upon your decorating space. Getting all those candles and stands to stay straight felt like the clown spinning plates at the circus. I’m going to choose to walk away. For now. And not let it bother me.

christmas mantel

I’ll be linking up to Layla’s place later today for her “Holiday Home” mantel party. Come join the fun!

Silhouette Cyber Monday Deal!

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In the spirit of anticipation, the lucky winner will be announced at this post! For those of you who don’t win, here’s your Cyber Monday Deal! Just click on one of the ads below and enter the special code “jagirl” when you place your order.

                                      Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool                                                         

  • Click on any of the Silhouette ads in this post
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  • Wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree from “Santa”
Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

From now until midnight, you can get a Silhouette machine for $199!! That’s a savings of $100! And it doesn’t stop there. Of course it doesn’t. You will also receive--

1 Roll of Cream vinyl ( $7.99)
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1 Home decor CD (Value $55) 

Total ($70.98)

All for ONLY $199!!


Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

That's almost $200 dollar in savings! Keep in mind this is the newest version of the Silhouette. They are now available to Mac users. Awwwww yeeeeeeeah!


Okay. Are you ready for the winner? The lucky Silhouette owner is……..

Tara (who crossed her fingers AND toes!) at Just Devine Style

Just devine Style

Congratulations, Tara! Send me an e-mail, and we’ll get you set up!

A FREE Silhouette!

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Talk about one generous company! Thanks to “illness 2010” I’m a little late getting this announced, but I’m sure you’ve seen that a handful of us have been asked to give away another Silhouette machine.  You know, THEE Silhouette machine. The one that I did this(the pictures will take you to the posts)…

framed butterflies

  and this…

mirror coasters

and this with.


And don’t get me started on the holiday projects that this bad boy can kick out for you! Could you imagine cutting those spider webs out by hand. Yeah, let’s not.

spider web clock

If you’re wondering, “When will I ever get a free Silhouette machine?”, your time is NOW! Here’s what the winner will receive.

A Silhouette Machine (a $299.99 value)

It will include the following:

  • Software for Windows XP/Vista, Mac
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • Two cutting mats (one for thick media, one for thin media)
  • One cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store

If you’re wondering, “How can I enter for this free Silhouette machine?”, here’s how!

  1. Leave a comment here. Easy peasy, lemon squeazy.
  2. Tweet about it and link back to here. Spread the love!
  3. Write about it on Facebook linking back to here.
  4. Write a big ol’ blog post on it and link back. You know, to here.

Fine print: The winner must be in the US and may only win once (considering there are several hosts).

Stop Sign Clip Art

There’s MORE!

Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday!

The giving just doesn’t end! Perhaps you won’t be at Target at 4am like some ridiculously crazy people that I know. Maybe you don’t plan on dragging your mom and best friend to Kohls at the crack of dawn. However, YOU can get a cra-za-zay-zy deal on a Silhouette of your very own even if you don’t win!

Starting at 4AM (when someone will be at Target) until midnight, you can get a Silhouette machine for $199!! That’s a savings of $100! And it doesn’t stop there. Of course it doesn’t. You will also receive--

1 Roll of Cream vinyl ( $7.99)
1 Roll of transfer paper ( $7.99)
1 Home decor CD (Value $55) 

Total ($70.98)

All for ONLY $199!!
That's almost $200 dollar in savings! Keep in mind this is the newest version of the Silhouette. They are now available to Mac users. Awwwww yeeeeeeeah!

Alright. I know this is a lot of information. I do well with bullets, so here we go with bullets.

  • 4am on Monday, November 29th
  • Visit to get a special code to purchase your Silhouette
  • Click on my ad in the top left corner to go directly there
  • Enter the code to get nearly $200 off a Silhouette package
  • Wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree from “Santa”

I’m signing off for a few days. I’ll be back to announce the winner Monday morning. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall Without Orange?

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Alert****Come back tomorrow for a BIG giveaway****Alert

Some rooms definitely lend themselves better to the warm colors of fall. Some rooms? Yeah, they don’t.    

fall basket

Instead of trying to force fall colors into my “lighter” rooms, I decided to roll with it. I “shopped” my fall bins to see what lighter items I had, and this is what I came up with.

black buffet

It’s still warm, right? It’s still festive, no? My husband came home, saw the frame and asked, “Who’s that in the picture?” I flippantly replied, “ Who cares who they are?” and walked away. That’ll show him for noticing something.

painted frame fall basket

I grabbed all the spray-painted white pumpkins I have and threw them in this basket. Add some pinecones from the backyard, sprinkle with some feather boa and serve!

fall arrangement

Stephanie Lynn asked me to make an ornament for her upcoming party, and I started to have heart palpitations. This is what I came up with. I’ll show you the tutorial over at her place next week!   painted birdhouse

Okay. You ready for some winners? Winners, send me an e-mail. Here we go.

The winner of the owl locket from A Side of Peaches is

Full of Great Ideas

The winner from  of the coffee mugs and coffee from Begin with a Sunny Outlook is


Handmade Holiday Review

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Courtney at A Thoughtful Place knows how to gift give. I am totally doing this! I love the possibilities of it, and she shows us different ways to use them! Way to go!

chalkboard coasters

By now, you might know that I get weak in the knees when it comes to packaging. I am drooling over these little bags. How simple yet so charming! Beth at It is What it Is used these as a Christmas advent (of course!), but you can use them for whatever you like!

 goodie bags

Orange it Lovely is a girl after my own heart. Pottery Barn and glitter. Oh, and saving money. Perfect combination! These would be great to attach to my presents to my teenage nieces. The wheels, people! They’re turnin! pottery barn peace ornament

Speaking of high-priced decor on the cheap, Carrie at Dittle Dattle replicated a Ballard Designs monogram wreath. I think this might be my neighbor gift this year. This way, I can drive by their houses and think how cool I am for making them such a beautiful gift. Or I can drive by their houses and curse them for not putting my wreath on their doors.

Christmas Monogram Wreath

Uh oh. We’ve got a sewer, people. Stand by. Oh, wait. After reading her instructions, I just might be able to do this. Go see the tree these are on at Running with Scissors. Too. cute.

Oh. My. Word. Want. IT. How charming and simple and delicate and seasonal.  Go to the I Design Box for directions (and a gorgeous horse print on the wall!).

book page tree

I’ll be back to announce the winners—no, I haven’t forgotten. I’ve got some projects I’m working on, and I’ve got 754 loads of laundry to complete.

A Tour and a Giveaway

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This week was the annual “lighting of the town” where I live. It included Christmas music, a countdown to the lighting, lots of discounts in our boutiques, and some good food with a bunch of my girlfriends. It also included Christmas carolers. The man on the right is my friend from work. Yes, he’s much cooler than we are.

christmas carolers All the stores had their Christmas Mojo going. Beautiful trees, festive music, and LOTS of Christmas atmosphere.white green christmas tree

I want to be one of these figurines.

christmas figurines

My favorite tree by far, and I just couldn’t get a good picture of it with my crappy point and shoot. Note to self: Always bring your “big dog” camera.

white christmas tree 

white christmas tree 

white christmas tree 

red christmas tree

All the stores had their themed trees, and it was really nice being able to see how they can be decorated—even if they are upside down. upside down christmas tree

cottage christmas tree

All the stores had their themed trees, and it was really nice being able to see how they can be decorated.

christmas tree 

Since we’re on the theme of Christmas, what better time to host a festive giveaway? This week we’re having a…

Home for the Holidays Giveaway


Begin with a Sunny Outlook is a website created for women that focuses on better outdoor living at home, including all the domestic interests women have in making their house and yard a home. Their topics cover ways for women to see their outdoors as part of their home, and ideas to help make their outdoors most enjoyable.


They’re giving away two coffee mugs and a 16-oz choice of Starbucks coffee to one lucky (US) commenter. Coffee-Giveaway

All you have to do is go check out their three projects/inspirations and tell me which one you’d enjoy most in your yard in the comments! How fun, right?

I’ll be back later this weekend to share some of the Handmade Holidays features! For now, enjoy the trees and the giveaway!

Handmade Holidays Hooplah!

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I don’t know what it is, but the idea of this party makes the reality of the Christmas season really set in for me. Our shopping days are numbered—kinda like the dollars in our bank account—so I’m pretty darn excited to see all the inspiration.

handmade holiday party

Speaking of Handmade Holidays, my friend Layla gave my living room a little “holiday hook-up” recently. I asked for one little trim work switcheroo, and she went Christmas Cra-za-zy on me! lettered cottage mantle

Asking you to go check out her blog is a bit like Gayle asking if you’ve ever heard of her friend Oprah, but if you missed the post(s), you should go see what she did!

Okay. Let’s get this party going! Link up, read up, and use up all the ideas you can!

Show and Share Day

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Before I say anything else, I want to make sure to remind you that Monday is a BIG, BIG day at JaG! W'e’re kicking off the holiday season with the 3rd annual Handmade Holiday party! Work like crazy over the weekend and get those tutorials ready! See you then!


If you’re the type of person who’s looking for a good deal every day (who are we kidding, right?), then my giveaway this week is JUST for you!


A Side of Peaches is a daily deal site that offers goodies for women for 50-80% off!  This is one site that you will not want to miss! It’s basically like Christmas every day. You never know what you’re gonna get!

a side of peaches sample ad page 6b

A Side of Peaches is offering this B-U-Ti-Ful owl locket for one lucky linker! I love this, and I have three outfits picked out for it. Just sayin’…


Link on up, and I’ll announce the winner next week! I can’t WAIT to see what you’ve been up to this week!