Yes, I’m going.

Yes, I’m going.

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I’ve started reading several blogs discussing the “what to pack”s of Blissdom, and it did exactly what I didn’t want it to do. It stressed me out.

In an effort to put your mind at ease, here is a list of what I won’t be bringing to Nashville in a few days. If this doesn’t make you feel better, I don’t know what will. Let’s begin… (click on pictures for links)

I will not be bringing one of these cuties. Well, I have one I made myself last year, but I don’t think it counts. I think you have to have straight seams for it to count as a cute strap.

Gray Floral - Ruffle DSLR Camera Strap Cover

Nope. Won’t have any of these either.  I’m really just hoping not to leave my wedding ring on the bathroom counter at this point. Goals, people. Gotta have ‘em.

FAMILY.......Hand Stamped Sterling Silver  Tag Necklace Est. Your Date and Your Names

This one really breaks my heart. I’m in the mood for 10-20 new bags a new tote, and I would totally be getting this one. I’m a “bag” girl. The sloppier looking the better, really.

Gathered Fabric Bag in Joel Dewberry Tiles in Stone

Oh, no. Did I just hear you gasp?? No business cards. I have 150 cards that say I’m a “Professional Educator”, but I don’t think they’ll work in this situation.  Can I just write my blog address on a napkin or something?


Something I do have? Jeans. And boots. But I wouldn’t put it past me to try and pack some of these babies into the suitcase. Tempting, no?

 Pajama Jeans ReviewPajama Jeans®                                                                                                                                                                                                                     









So there you have it. My Blissdom list.

If you’re going, don’t panic about what to bring and what to pack. Just. go.

If you’re not going, don’t stress about it. You’re gonna see a lot of Blissdom coverage in the next few days. Ride it out, and we’ll all be back to posting about spray paint and hot glue soon enough. :)

Blog Hopping

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Well, in the midst of waiting for paint to dry and caulk to set, I’ve been catching up on some blog reading. For as much time I spend doing this, I thought I had seen them all. I’m introducing you to some new finds via some fantabulous projects. I’ll obviously let the pictures speak for themselves.

Susan at Hometown Girl

Table 007

Dana at House Tweaking

Yeah…still Dana.

The girls at JunkFest

Lori at Deming Design Studio

Enjoy the blog candy! I’m off to drink some hot cocoa and survive THIS stuff. It just. won’t. stop.


A Guest Post by Maximus

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It is me. Maximus. You may know me as The Nemesis, but privately my mom calls me Bubbers, Bubbaloo, Bubber-bears, or Dummy. It just depends on the moment.


I thought it would be a good idea to write about my favorite moment of the day. Oh sure..I love when Dad wrestles with me or when I sit on Mom snuggle by Mom in front of the fire, but this? This is the big one.


Mom comes home, let’s me outside, and I sit. I know what’s coming. Well, I think I do. There are days when I wonder if she’s letting me out in the hopes I just keep walking, but I’m simply too lazy for that.


I think I smell something, but I quickly realize it’s just me. Alright, so “quickly” might be a bit of an exaggeration. Mom says the only thing I do quickly is scarf down a whole birthday cake.


I resume the wait. My buttocks are cold, but if I walk around, I risk missing it. My ears stand on the ready.


Do you see my ears? They’re on the ready. That’s dog talk, by the way.


Wha..wait. Something’s going on. It’s either them or that mangy cat that beat me up last summer. Don’t make fun. This cat is tough.


Hold…..hold….stay calm…


Here it is! It’s the moment!


Alert! Alert! Danger! Stand’s just a 9-year old neighbor. Whew. Thought it might be the cat.

IMG_6291 IMG_6292

Love and adore me, kids. I’ve waited all. day. for this.




Thanks for letting me guest post today. Mom keeps saying stuff like “Gotta cook dinner!” and “Why isn’t this house ever clean?” Really wish I could help her with that. As you can see, this blogging thing has worn me out. How does she do it?


The Valentine’s Touch

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So….Valentine’s Day is coming. I wasn’t even going to put anything out until my daughter reminded me that “it’s a holiday, Mom” “that’s what we do.” Huh. Who’s her mother?!

I’ve expressed my feelings before about Valentine’s Day. Small. Doses. It won’t work if it looks like Cupid threw up all over your house. Unless you like Cupid. And vomit.

beaded heart

I guess if your house looked like this, what difference would just a little more red make?

I find that I’m pretty conscious about how I go about this holiday that too many people overdo holiday of love. A small touch of red or hearts can go a long way. Case in point?

Valentine's decoration

One of my favorite decorations is one that has a little ribbon to hang it from. I think they’re pretty universal. Anywhere you have a little knob or thin candle, these hang wonderfully! There’s usually a feather ornament here, but this little heart does quite well in its place.

floral heart

Why, yes. That frame does still say Hobby Lobby. Why, no. I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.

valentines decor

Well, looky here. Another heart from a ribbon. The frame houses a picture of my husband and me, but we don’t mind being smothered by a giant beaded heart.

valentines ornament

It’s a cute touch, and it can easily be removed. On February 15th. At 12:01am.

beaded heart

I finally tried my hand at a pennant craft, and it nearly broke me. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, but I think it turned out cute (and simple). I used my Silhouette to cut out the flags (genius!), and stuck some little letters on there. Done.

valentine pennant

I used thin jute/twine, and it wasn’t quite the effect I was going for. It works, though, and I’m liking it in this space.

love pennant

A little touch here, a little dash there. I can live with that.

Practical Pantry

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You can tell it’s the new year. We all have our trees down (or do we?), and we’re feeling the need to clean and organize. I, of course, am no exception. I’ve been drooling over some of the pantries through blogland, and it inspired me to kick my “pantry” into gear.

Case in point:

pullout pantry

I had actually started gutting one of the shelves when I realized I needed to take a picture (shame on me). As you can see, it required some attention.


One of the best rules I can pass along when organizing a pantry-like space is to purge—and purge often. I will admit that I practice what I preach until it comes to purging my pantry. I threw out a can of beans that expired in 2003. For the mathematically challenged, that’s 8 years ago. 

messy kitchen

Don’t panic. It must look like this before it gets better. If it doesn’t look like this, you’re not doing it right. :)

kitchen mess

Alright. So the kitchen is a mess. Now what do I do? Something I make a habit with as soon as I unload my groceries is to get rid of as much extra packaging as possible. Rule #2 (Purge was #1, remember?) is condense, condense, condense. Does that mean it’s rules 2, 3, and 4?


Whenever I buy something in bulk—and yes, it’s always gummy bears—I take it out of the messy, blobby bag and…


…place it into a container. I keep lots of sizes on hand just for this issue. It saves so much room!


Ready for the reveal that won’t mean much to you but makes a world of difference for me?

pull out pantry

By now I feel silly to even say it, but you know how much I love baskets, tins, and bins. USE them. There are moments where I will simply tear off the tops of boxes (see below), but I generally try to put individually wrapped items into a container. I swear by it.

kitchen pantry

I think it goes without saying that you should keep your products together. I try to break it into canned goods, snacks, dinner items, desserts. Don’t judge the boxed pasta. I hate noodles, so this makes it easy for me to make for the family.



From what I understand, if you throw out 3 old packages of hamburger buns, 2 packages of pita bread, and 1/2 a package of bagels, you will have more room for your bread. This brings me back to Rule #1—purge.

kitchen cabinet

If you’d like to see some more of the kitchen cabinets, you can visit here,and here. Perhaps you’ll find that inspiration to purge your pantry!