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After the time I spent with these spectacular women, it would be an injustice if I didn’t share at least some reflections with you on the time we spent together at Blissdom.

I’ve gotta start with my roomies. Other people in blogland may claim to have the best ones, but I SO won the draw on this one. It’s one of those moments in life where you know you were just meant to be friends with these women. You could say it was my “Aha” moment.

Me, Sarah, Beth, Rhoda

blissdom roomies

While I want to be sensitive about singling out how much I loved one particular person or another, meeting Sarah was a really big deal for me. I always felt like we could be friends, and I was spot on. She is exactly what I had hoped she would be and more.

Had I known how much I was going to adore Shauna, I wouldn’t have wasted another breath spending time without her. We have too much in common, and she really made me laugh. Hats off to you, girl! That’s not always an easy thing to do!


If there’s any doubt who the nicest woman on the planet is, let me make it clear for you. It’s Richella. Yeah, that Richella. The one who makes you feel like the greatest woman in the world every time you’re around her. Loved her.

Imparting Grace

How lucky am I to have two of my bloggy Bff’s in a picture together? I generally don’t like to be friends with attractive people in order to make myself feel better. I guess I’ll make an exception for these gorgeous girls.

Beth, Layla



Myra, me, Richella, Sarah, Traci, Rhoda


How can I even begin to explain Traci (far right)? She’s a woman who knows how to make fun of herself, and I immediately fell in love with that. She’s funny, charming, sincere, and genuine. Who wouldn’t love to be her friend?

thrifty decor chick

Shauna, Ashley, Sarah, LaylaLettered Cottage

Marian. One of the most talented women out there, and I was so glad that her personality was just as wonderful!


Here we are in our “Blissdom Newsletter” pose…


And here we are making sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Rhoda looks drunk, Sarah looks clueless, and I look…well…slow.


And finally, my friend. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have even gone to Blissdom. There’s no photo editing here. The room really does glow when she walks in. Love you, Beth!


The list truly could go on and on. I met so many wonderful women, and I have something wonderful to say about each and everyone of them. These are simply highlights. If you’ve ever wondered if these bloggers are as terrific in person as they seem on their blogs, wonder no more. They really are.  

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