Royal Show and Share Day

Royal Show and Share Day

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Yes. I’m one of them. I’ll be getting up at 5am and watching the event of year (decade?). Then I will shoot a direct line of coffee into my veins to keep me from falling asleep at work.

WILLIAM & KATE   photo | Kate Middleton, Prince William

It’s not something I follow on a daily basis, but it’s such an intriguing lifestyle, no? I can’t wait!

William and Kate Wedding Portrait

So…link up and give us crazy early risers something to check on while we tape our eyelids open!

Pottery Barn Outlet=BFF

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Well, I don’t have a PB outlet (nor do I have a HomeGoods, but I won’t talk about that right now. Sensitive subject), but my Mom does! Guess who went back home for Easter and totally scored? Me. I did.

My intention was to find a rug. You know, thee rug. No such luck. My mom, however, bought my daughter this duffle bag for Easter. The website is selling it for $70. The outlet is selling it for $30. Say wha?

Jet-Set Duffle, Dark Coffee Berkeley

And now for the best part. I’ve been looking for a counter-height craft desk for months now. No exaggeration. I finally conceded that I would just have to make one myself. While I was not happy about that idea, I figured it was my only option. Plus, I knew it would probably cost me more than I wanted to spend.

Until….PB stepped it up. This is currently on sale for $450. Take a moment to soak that in. With tax and shipping, we’re talking about a small desk for over $500. Huh?

Pottery Barn craft desk

So this is actually the one I found. I don’t want a dark desk, but as I examined it a little more closely, I realized that we just might be a perfect match. You wanna know the price, don’t you?Pottery Barn craft desk

Here’s how the markdowns went on the tag…





$99 (another 10% off)


While it doesn’t come without its hiccups, I’m willing to invest a little work into it. Other than the scratches on top, it’s in perfect condition. Well, it will be when I finish it up.

Pottery Barn desk Of course, it’ll have to wait its turn. I am FINALLY done with the pain in my butt cabinet, and now I’m just letting it dry another night before I put it back together. Soooo close.

white hutch

I’ve gotta dress her up a bit, and I’ll be back. Until then, a word of advice for you—when in doubt about ordering something from Pottery Barn, try their outlets first!

Show and Share Day

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If you’re anything like me, you’re spending today buying eggs to dye, looking for Easter basket goodies, and eating a lot of Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

If you’re nothing like me, you’re spending the weekend telling your husband how high to hang the shelves that you want up, watching him hang the new (one you’ve had for 10 months) light fixture, and enjoying the smell of your freshly washed Nemesis.

How about we enjoy a couple of favorite Easter link ups that I’ve seen?

The V Spot shows us how to make cute Robin’s eggs AND a nest to put it in. Me likey!

It’s Always a Party at the Parkers (aka Shindig Parties to Go)—do I really need to say anything? It speaks for itself, really. Go see how she did it!


Ramblings from the  Sunshine State made a bunch of Easter eggs out of cookie dough. They’re all so pretty together! Go see!

And lastly—I really need this contest to end soon because I hate talking about it. However, I must not hate it that much that I won’t bring it up. I sure would appreciate a positive vote on either (both?) of the rooms I entered.

The Designer In You

Bathroom                                                 Dining Room


Onto bigger and better things! How ‘bout linking up your projects to share with everyone? We sure do learn from you!

Happy Easter!

Tile Tile Bo Bile

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Well, it’s time. We’ve been in this house 7 years, and for some reason I’ve always found another project to come before having a backsplash in the kitchen. I regret it, really. I think a backsplash can make a world of difference for a room.

open kitchen

However, it can also make a major dent in your pocket book. I’ve been shopping (and shopping!) for tiles I like that I can actually afford. Wanna see my top three? You can click on the pictures for the links.

I really like this one, but I think it’s too dark. Too blendy. Too stone mosaic tileThis one would probably be my #1 because it has the most glass in it. Love that. However, it’s almost impossible to find. It’s also the most expensive of the tiles in my price range. Of course it is.


My final pick? I think? This one. It has the mix of textures I want, and it combines all the colors in the kitchen. My #1 curse is my indecisiveness. I’ll ponder on this one day and night for weeks until I’ll probably decide to get something entirely different. Let’s hope not. glass stone mosaic tileNot one to be outdone by myself, I plan on turning my laundry room into this.

Hampton Carrara Polished

Think colors and tile—not shower and tub. I don’t need much tile in that room, so I’m thinking I can spend a little more on it. Carrara marble is at the top of the list, but I want it to have a beige-y swirl in it.

click to view full size

My question for you…do you have some recommendations for tile shops? Most of what I’ve found is on Overstock (I heart you, O). Believe me when I say I’ve been all over, but I’m sure there’s a rock I’ve left unturned. Got any suggestions?

I Don’t Know What to Title this Post.

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For the first time in a while, my husband had the weekend off. So you know what that means, don’t you? I got nothing done. No spray painting, no hot gluing, and no decorating. Sorry.

In an effort to save face, I did do a couple of things. Namely, laundry. See? I’ve got baskets to prove it.

laundry room

So here’s a dilemma. I washed a couple loads of whites, and these are all the socks I washed for my kids.


And here’s what I washed for myself. If you refer back to exhibit A (otherwise known as the first photo), you’ll notice that there are only three baskets for a 4-basket family. I don’t get a basket. Who needs a basket for a sock?


In addition to some laundry, I did end up decorating for Easter. Yes, that’s it. Don’t hate.

Easter salt and pepper shakers

And lest we forget, I’m always cleaning up after this guy. This is how I found him yesterday morning. He finally found a dog bigger than him…and sat on him.


Between parent/teacher conferences, baseball and softball practices, and an out-of-town husband, posts may be harder to come by this week. Anyone have any Calgon?

SAS Day and a Dreamy Kitchen

SAS Day and a Dreamy Kitchen

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I pretty much fell on this kitchen remodel tonight, and it just had to be shared. It moved me, simply put. See the befores…

Are you prepared for the after?  Yeah well, I wasn’t so I had to check. Here you go.

white kitchen

There’s a couple of reasons I’m so madly in love. #1. The white. You know how much I love white. #2. It actually looks like a realistic home. I’ve never been so in love with a home that had such a great kitchen without 14-foot ceilings and a whole wall full of windows.

It’s such a magazine-worthy kitchen without looking like it has to be in a magazine-size space. I LOVE that. I want to ask…do you think these are 8 or 9 foot ceilings? They’ve gotta be 9, right? Please tell me they’re 8. :)

white kitchen

If you’d like to see more, go visit Jenny Springer Photography. As you can see, she’s basically a photography blog, but she does offer a few design posts--this one being one of them.

Okay! Let’s see what everyone’s been up to! As you can see, I’ve been very busy checking out other people’s homes. Shocker, I know. 

Rugs: They Ain’t Cheap!

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Well, in true JaG form, I’m itchin’ to do something to my daughter’s room. While it’s generally piled with clothes and Barbie dolls, I just feel like it’s a little “flat” when it’s actually clean. I’m SO close to having this cabinet done for her room, but Michigan weather just doesn’t allow it.

tree mural

I figured the easy fix would be to get a rug in her room. You know, warm it up a bit, right? Break up the monotony of the floor. Easy peasy! Yeah, right. Let me show you the contenders after researching 1,745 sites for one.

#1. LOVE it. What’s wrong? It’s on Ebay. And that’s not even an actual picture of the rug! How in the world am I going to order a drawing of a rug. Verdict is still out on it as I wait for an actual picture from the seller—possibly.

pink trellis rug

#2. Again, with the LOVE. What’s wrong? It’s too dark. And it’s $239. ‘Nuff said.

Green Damask Mystique Rug

And here’s where Pottery Barn comes in. It HAD to be Pottery Barn.

#3. I love the pattern in it. What’s wrong? The pink seems a little purply to me, and I wouldn’t mind a mix of green in there somewhere. I’m nervous about too much pink. Price? $299. For a rug. In a kid’s room.

Trellis Rug

#4. Oh wait. Here’s something a little cheaper. And it has the pink and green in it. Nevermind. It looks like a beach towel. Price? $169. We’re getting there, people!

Border Chenille Rug

And finally? #5. My love. My passion. My desire. Price? $299. Come ON! Can’t I catch a break here?

Polka Dot Border Rug

I turned to Ebay and found it for $239. Hmmm…it’s not quite as obnoxious, but really?

Pottery Barn girls rug

So that’s where I am. Stuck searching for a rug that might not exist. I’m pretty madly in love with it, and I know what that means. It just might have to be mine. I’m frugal. I save. I DIY, darn it! Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay the money.

Pottery Barn girls room

At least that’s what I’m telling myself right now. Why can’t Pottery Barn offer 40% off coupons every Sunday like my other favorite stores?

SAS in Review

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I’ve been awfully bad at highlighting Show and Share Day link-ups. Forgive me. This week left me wanting to feature everyone, but I think that might be a really long post. Here’s some highlights!

Blooming Homestead made an easy, simple, charming Easter frame that I’m in love with. Let’s just stare at it for a while, shall we?

Easter art

Not only do I love a.steed’ gallery wall, but she offers some really cool/helpful tips on how to develop it. Gallery walls can be tricky, but she pulled it off!

gallery wall

Not sure why, but I’m digging anything with license plates right now. Perhaps because I’m revamping my son’s room soon? Of course, it helps that Roly Poly Farm made her mirror out of Michigan plates. Hollah!

license plate art

You just can’t go wrong with onesies and a cute tie. I love the fabric Curds and Whey chose for these sweet things!

embellished onesie

I’m still debating on my favorite part of this picture. The homemade jar that Love Sweet Love made, the colorful print behind it, or the chocolate inside the jar. If you know me at all, you know the answer to that.

spring candy jar

Oops!Redone took an old iron bed and made it into THIS! First of all, not many people would be crazy brilliant enough to tackle this project, but she chose the color of perfection. I love the color!green bed

Salt and Grace just had a daughter get married, and this was the dessert table. Head over to see the charming/rustic wedding pictures. They’re swoon-worthy.

glitter cupcakes

Can’t Stop Making Things shouldn’t stop making things. She turned this ugly ol’ wabbit into a functional and adorable chalkboard. I want one.

chalkboard bunny

Oh, we’ve seen dresser transformations before, but  House on a Hill took it one step further. The lining in the drawers…it’s one of those “why am I too lazy to do that to my furniture" moments. Head over to see the rest of it!

drawer liner

$55.00. For a Bombay chest. That just doesn’t happen. Well,  This Home of Ours stepped it up a notch and made it a piece of art. It turned out so great, and I love that she had the courage to do it!

Bombay chest

The Designer In You

And lastly, if you haven’t had the chance, would you mind voting a “thumbs up” for my entries in this contest? I spoke more about it here, and I’m embarrassed to say it again. I also turn the channel on the TV when something embarrassing happens. It’s a nervous/awkward thing. I digress…

If you click on the words below, it should take you right over to the voting page. Thanks so much!

Bathroom                      Dining Room


Art Tray

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When kids are little, they are sponges when it comes to art projects. I remember my daughter cutting construction paper into squares for over an hour one day. It doesn’t take much, but they just love it. And then…they get older.

My 8-year old is still on the fringe, but my 11-year old’s artistic creativity has been limited to monsters, sports, and skulls.  There was a time when any one of these rooms would have been a perfect fit for my little ones, but now they’re just…well…for little ones.

pottery barn playroom

pottery barn playroom

pottery barn kids room

I decided something needed to be done. I’m not overly impressed with the art teacher/class at their school, so I took matters into my own hands. I shopped the house to see what I could come up with that would spur some creativity in my kids. And….I came up with this! 

art supplies

The paint, the paper, the glue, the scissors—that’s a given. I felt like they needed some sort of embellishment tray to jumpstart their artwork.

kids art

My local grocery store (Meijer) had this outdoor tray, and I found a circle placemat that fits perfectly inside. I thought it would be good to keep things from sliding around, and it would prevent some major scratches on the surface. Plus, it adds a nice pop of color!

kids art tray

The little glasses were found at Goodwill for $.49 cents a piece. Cute! The larger jars are Mason jars I already had on hand. All the art supplies—already had them.

art embellishments

When I set the tray on the table, my son said, “Wow! You bought a bunch of new art supplies!” Uhhh no. So maybe that’s it? Maybe kids just need things in front of them? Maybe the inspiration comes from accessibility and a colorful display? We’ll see.

round tray

I thought I’d be able to show you some picture evidence of its success. You know, pics of my kids frolicking in pom poms and skipping through fields of foam letters. Alas, it decided to be 80 degrees here today, so they opted to watch my husband burn the Christmas tree in the backyard.

art tray

That may have been cooler, but my option was MUCH prettier. Just sayin’.